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Get the happy and
healthy relationship
you've always wanted

Helping individuals and couples who are stuck in toxic patterns of relating break free!


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Do you think your relationship might be toxic?

Take this FREE quiz to find out!

"I don't know why I keep doing this!" 


You are in the right place if you feel your previous or current relationships are stuck in unhealthy patterns. 

We’re talking 

  • Poor communication

  • Lack of emotional intimacy

  • Inability to voice needs

  • Not feeling heard

  • Struggling to move on from a betrayal

  • Ugly disrespectful fights

  • And more!

You’ve been repeating the same patterns over
and over again, hoping “this” time it’ll work out.


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toxic relationships

It's time to finally break free from those toxic cycles...

It’s time for you to get the clarity and validation for what you’re going through because it IS toxic.

But there are ways to fix it.

As a certified relationship coach, I help you break free from habitual toxic behaviors to have the kind of healthy and happy relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

"Our relationship felt like a Rollercoaster before starting couples sessions with Tara. Married for 17yrs we were stuck in the same arguments and couldn't find solutions that worked for both of us. We wanted to lighten up as a couple and not be so tense with each other. Our relationship changed working with Tara as we now both have a clear understanding of what the others expectations are. A breakthrough we made was to stop being defensive when the other expresses how they're feeling. To not take every comment so personally.
What we liked most about working with Tara is that it always felt like she was on OUR side. Never felt like she singled one of us out as being the cause or problem. She's had a calming effect on my hubby and me. I would recommend Tara to anyone struggling in a relationship! For couples, friends, parent and children. Tara offers a safe space to express how you're feeling in a calm and production way."  


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Leading by experience

I’m Tara Blair Ball and I was in a slew of extremely toxic and codependent relationships, including a marriage to an active drug addict that nearly destroyed me. 

I’ve been through the worst of it, and I had to do everything I suggest my clients do to help ME get out on the other side.


That's why I lead by experience.

I don’t share anything that I haven’t personally tried first, so my clients can make the absolute best decisions for themselves. Because today, I have the happy and healthy relationship I’ve always dreamed of. And I now help my clients achieve what I was able to do myself.

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