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Get the happy and
healthy relationship
you've always wanted

Helping individuals who are stuck in toxic patterns of relating break free!


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Do you think your relationship might be toxic?

Take this FREE quiz to find out!

"I don't know why I keep doing this!" 


You are in the right place if you feel your previous or current relationships are stuck in unhealthy patterns. 

We’re talking 

  • Poor communication

  • Lack of emotional intimacy

  • Inability to voice needs

  • Not feeling heard

  • Struggling to move on from a betrayal

  • Ugly disrespectful fights

  • And more!

You’ve been repeating the same patterns over
and over again, hoping “this” time it’ll work out.


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toxic relationships

It's time to finally break free from those toxic cycles...

It’s time for you to get the clarity and validation for what you’re going through because it IS toxic.

But there are ways to fix it.

As a certified relationship coach, I help you break free from habitual toxic behaviors to have the kind of healthy and happy relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

"I was flying blind from one failed relationship to another. I did not understand why relationships were not working. Through working with Tara, I hoped to Identify what to look for in a healthy relationship, look at my part in past failed relationships, and figure out what I could do to improve me. Tara ABSOLUTELY met my expectations and more.
Tara is a very straight shooter and to the point. She challenged me to look at my misbeliefs and look at myself. She helped me figure out that the ways I talked to my past partners were inappropriate, that things I said automatically put them on the defense and made things escalate. I learned how to properly communicate my needs in a healthy way.
Today, I know what I am looking for. I have identified my deal breakers. I have a realistic view or what a healthy relationships looks like and my part in it. I cannot thank Tara enough. I have been seeing a new woman for the last 3 months and implemented what I learned during my time with Tara, and it's been so incredibly different than my previous relationships. I would recommend Tara to anyone looking for a long term healthy relationship or anyone who wants to improve their relationship."


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Leading by experience

I’m Tara Blair Ball and I was in a slew of extremely toxic and codependent relationships, including a marriage to an active drug addict that nearly destroyed me. 

I’ve been through the worst of it, and I had to do everything I suggest my clients do to help ME get out on the other side.


That's why I lead by experience.

I don’t share anything that I haven’t personally tried first, so my clients can make the absolute best decisions for themselves. Because today, I have the happy and healthy relationship I’ve always dreamed of. And I now help my clients achieve what I was able to do myself.

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