Is Your Relationship Toxic? Quiz

Not sure if your current or most recent relationship is or was toxic?


Take this quiz to find out!


Answer the following questions with a simple "yes" or "no." If you waffle on the answer to any of them, just select "yes."

Your results from this test cannot be considered a diagnosis and should not be considered as such. They may indicate the need for further professional help.

Do you regularly feel as if you are sacrificing your own needs, wants, desires, etc. for your partner or the relationship?
Do you often feel that you put in more effort into improving the relationship than your partner?
Does any kind of abuse (physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual, etc.) occur in your relationship?
Do you feel ashamed to talk to other people about the realities of your relationship? (as in, how you fight, how you feel in the relationship, etc.)
Do you often feel lonely even when you and your partner are spending time together?
Would you say that you and your partner bring out the "worst" in each other?
Do you often feel that you give much more than you receive?
Do you and your partner often get stuck in power struggles where someone has to "win?"
Do you feel isolated from friends, family, and other loved ones?
Are there issues in your relationship that involve drug or alcohol abuse or untreated mental illnesses?
Has lying or deception occured in your relationship that has damaged your or your partner's trust?
Has infidelity (physical and/or emotional) occured, or does one partner believe it did and the other doesn't?
Are there ongoing issues of disrespect in your relationship?
Does thinking about your relationship regularly fill you with dread and anxiety?

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