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Codependency Recovery Workshop Recording

Codependency Recovery Workshop Recording

Do you...


  • base your emotions/feelings on the emotions/feelings of others (i.e. "if they're not happy, I can't be happy...")?
  • stay in unhealthy/abusive relationships out of loyalty or your belief that you can change/fix it?
  • unsure how you feel or what you want on a regular basis?
  • struggle with making decisions, even small ones (like where to eat)?
  • try to control other people in order to feel safe?
  • get angry and resentful when people don't follow your advice and suggestions? 
  • believe you can handle things on your own and don't ask for help?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you may have codependency.


Codependency can prevent you from having the intimate, loving, and caring relationships you want.


Thankfully, codependency is not an incurable condition. 


You CAN recover!

You can show up as your most authentic self in your relationships. 


You can voice your needs and set and enforce appropriate boundaries.


You can give up trying to control others and instead have the life you've always wanted.  


This recording of my 1-hr long Codependency Recovery Workshop can help you do just that.


In this workshop, we covered:

  • What is codependency?
  • What are my codependent behaviors?
  • What are boundaries? How do I implement them?
  •  Setting and enforcing boundaries
  • What is detachment? How does it help me enforce boundaries?
  • What is self-care? 
  • Live Q&A with audience members


PLUS you get:

  • A self-care plan you can adapt to your own needs,
  • Who am I? exercise,
  • AND Journal Prompts for Codependency (A $5.99 value!)


Check out reviews from participants:


"After taking Tara's Are You Codependent? quiz, I knew I was codependent, but it wasn't until this workshop that I realized how much it was a problem in my life. I've always struggled in my relationships and now I finally know why. After taking this, I now feel like I have the knowledge and tools to make different choices. I know it's not going to be easy, but I actually feel like change is possible! I'm SO grateful. Thank you!!" -Sarai C.


"Growing up, my dad was an alcoholic, and even though I tried not to choose boyfriends like him, my current one is. Attending Al-Anon has been great for me, but I wanted more action-focused guidance. This workshop is great for people just starting to work through their codependency as well as for us who know a bit. I found Tara's analogys on boundaries to be really eye-opening, and I now have a clear idea of exactly what I was missing when it came to enforcing them." -Emily B.


"I really needed this workshop and the tools Tara gave. I just ended up my relationship with a narcissist and needed some guidance of what to do now so I don't find myself in this same situation again. I have a lot of hope after hearing her story and I'm going to start using the worksheets and journal prompts she sent today." -Brooklyn P.



    This digital product is a .zip folder, which contains a .mp4 recording of the workshop, a .pdf copy of the self-care sheet, as well as a .pdf copy of Journal Prompts for Codependency (a $5.99 value!).  You will receive an e-mail with a download link that will expire in 30 days.


    Because this is a digital product, NO item from this .zip folder may be shared. Additional copies will need to be purchased separately. All sales are final. 


    Thank you for your support!

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