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Worksheet for a Better Break-up

Worksheet for a Better Break-up

Have you recently had a break-up? Are you struggling?


Whether you initiated the break-up or not, break-ups are and can be excruciatingly painful. You might have heard the aphorism, "Nature abhors a vacuum," before. This basically means that if we hung out with our partner every Friday night, we're going to be highly attuned and pained by their absence when Friday rolls around and we're left hanging out on the couch alone.


The only way to move on from a break-up is to truly recognize a relationship for what it was: not right. In my experience, if it's not right now, it'd take a heck of a lot of work to make it right later. But for now, we have to accept why it's not right.


The next part is in cultivating the kind of self and life we want for ourselves. That's where investing in ourselves and affirmations come in.


This worksheet gives you an outline to do both to help you have a "better" break-up.


Download this worksheet to start your healing today!


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