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Are you ready to heal from your toxic relationships?


You're tired of...

  • Being in toxic relationships, where lying, lack of trust, disrespect, abuse, gaslighting, and infidelity are common.

  • Experiencing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (or PTRS), including flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, fear, and anxiety. 

  • Trying counseling with new and different therapists when all it does is stir up all of your negative feelings and give you no clear action plan. 

  • Having no community or support or no one who truly understands what you've been through and why it's still affecting you even after you've left the relationship.

  • Trying to “fix” yourself, thinking if YOU just changed, then your relationships would too. 

  • Reading relationship self-help books that sound great, but don’t seem to translate into giving you the tools you want to improve what is going on or help you heal from your toxic relationships.

  • Having the same kind of toxic relationships over and over again even though you think “this” time you’ll choose better.

And maybe you believe these too?

That you just need to find the "right" person. 


Unfortunately, if we don't heal ourselves, we will constantly be attracted to people we will have toxic relationships with.

That every relationship you'll be in is doomed to be toxic.


That will be true ONLY if you continue to have that thinking and take no active efforts to heal yourself.

That, after some time, you'll be fine and will pick better partners.


There is no magic wand to fix our issues. You will have to put in the work. If you are tired of the pain of toxic relationships, then this program is for you. 

That you can't heal if you're currently in a relationship.


If you're with someone who supports your own healing process, you can make tremendous strides in your own healing with help and support.

That the problem is solely your toxic ex(es), and not you.


Healthy people aren't attracted to unhealthy partners. More often than not, we chose the partners we did because we didn't have the best ways of relating either.

That healthy relationships are "found."


Healthy relationships are built, not found, and we can only build one through healing ourselves and learning healthy relating skills. 

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Every relationship I was in was incredibly toxic...until my current one.

After I finally walked away from my last toxic relationship, I was at a loss. I couldn't find ANY resources to help me recover. I went to therapy every week, but I couldn't pinpoint why I felt even more depressed and anxious. I didn't understand why I felt even MORE crazy, how my life felt even MORE unmanageable, even though I was no longer experiencing abuse and gaslighting on a daily basis.

Why did I feel so terrible? And why did I still feel awful even after months and months of being free from that toxic relationship?

I started on a self-healing journey. I read all I could find on toxic relationships and created my own process. These tools helped prepare me to begin dating again and ultimately led me to meeting the man I'm with today: my wonderful husband, who has shown me that dreams really do come true. Today, we have a beautiful family with four amazing kids.


After completing that journey, I became a certified Relationship Coach with certifications in Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Happiness, and others from Transformation Academy and other courses fully accredited by Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). That along with my Master's degree from the University of Memphis (2012) means I'm well-suited to help guide you in this journey to wholeness. 


I created this program, so no one else in my same position would be left floundering. This is the exact program I've used with hundreds of clients to help heal from toxic relationships and get the healthy and happy relationships they've always wanted. 

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The group coaching program to help you heal from toxic relationships and have healthier and happier relationships with yourself and others. 


This program is for you if...

  • You're suffering from the abuse and trauma from previous relationships and have no idea how to move forward.

  • You have a history of toxic relationships and are unsure of what a "healthy" relationship even looks like and/or you're currently in a toxic relationship and want to address your part in to change it. 

  • You've tried to heal or "fix" it on your own or through other methods and nothing has seemed to work.

  • You feel like all of your choices and relationships are "doomed."

  • You need support and accountability to make strides toward lasting change. 

  • You desire a community of people who know what you've been through. 

  • You want a blueprint you can follow because you need clear direction on how to heal.


What do I get in the
Reclaim & Recover 


You'll have 3-month access to:

  • The entire Recover & Reclaim Curriculum: Everything you need to help you unpack your experiences and gently usher you toward healing and rediscovering yourself 

    • This curriculum includes 36 video lessons and a workbook on the following topics:​

      • The impact of toxic relationships on mental and emotional health

      • Understanding the dynamics of control and manipulation in toxic relationships

      • The role of codependency in toxic relationships

      • How to set and maintain healthy boundaries​

      • How to rebuild self-care and self-esteem

      • How to recognize gaslighting and other forms of psychological manipulation

      • Coping with trauma and healing after a toxic relationship

      • Understanding your own patterns and behaviors in relationships

      • Healthy communication and conflict-resolution skills 

      • and more!

  • Once a Week Coaching Calls for 12 weeks for ongoing accountability and support

  • Private Reclaim & Recover community group of current and former members

You'll also have:

  • Lifetime access to all curriculum materials and the community group

See what others have said...

My past relationship relied on an unhealthy dynamic between my co-dependency and my partner's emotional and physical abuse. I was incredibly depressed because of my situation but had no means of understanding it or getting out of it. I had a track record of relationships with volatile partners that didn't treat me well, and I internalized that it was my fault I was constantly disappointed, lonely and unhappy.

I spent a really long time trying to find the right therapist/counselor to work with when I was in my last relationship, because I knew something was wrong but didn't know what it was. I had a really tough time finding someone that was the right fit, and I also had a partner who did not want to participate. One day I saw one of Tara's posts on Instagram and started following her. I was really drawn to the topics she addressed online, and after looking into her website I decided to sign up for a simple 1-hour session to meet her. After our very first session, I felt so comfortable and seen. I knew right away that she was exactly who I should be working with in order to process what I had experienced and to grow from it.

First and foremost Tara helped me process trauma I had experienced, in a way that felt both gentle but also productive. She taught me so much about the dynamics I had participated in, and helped me understand so much about myself. I was able to identify my part in a toxic relationship and learn how to evolve in order to avoid it in the future. I've become much more self aware, and re-evaluated all of the relationships in my life.

Tara is real, intelligent, compassionate and productive. Any time spent with Tara, whether it's one hour or a lifetime, is time well spent.

Young Gay Couple
  • Will coaching work for me?
    How much you heal is entirely up to you. I can't predict or guarantee how you will do since it's all about your desire, motivation, level of willingness, etc. What I CAN tell you is that my clients who commit to the process wholly and who follow suggestions have seen amazing results. If you're still unsure if coaching is right for you, feel free to contact me!
  • If I have a therapist, should I still sign up for coaching?
    Therapy is so wonderful, and I'm so glad you currently have a therapist. What I will say is that therapy and coaching are different. A therapist isn't necessarily going to give you an action plan. They aren't going to give you advice. They aren't likely to give you their experiences and what's worked with them and their other clients either. A coach, like myself, on the other hand, is going to give you an action plan. We're going to give you advice, advice that's worked for us and the clients we've worked with. Therapy and coaching can work marvelously together. I, myself, saw a therapist and a coach when I was on my own self-healing journey because I had a LOT of trauma I needed to get through, and coaches aren't trained on how best to help you in that area. They can point you in the right direction, but they'll likely point you to a therapist. Whether you have a therapist or not, you CAN benefit from coaching. Coaching can never (and never should be) considered a replacement for therapy, but it CAN be a wonderful complement.
  • When can I expect to see results?
    Results are difficult to track when it's your internal landscape. I'll tell you that the clients of mine (whether they're individuals or couples) who put the work in start to feel lighter, less anxious, more confident, more self-aware, and more comfortable with themselves and the rest of the world within 4 to 6 weeks. It's the whole reason why I generally recommend at least 3 sessions. I want to give every client the chance to get as much healing as possible, but your results—and how soon you experience them—are completely up to you.

Ready to join and finally heal from your toxic relationships and get the happy and healthy relationship you’ve always wanted?

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