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Affirmations for Recovering from Codependency

Affirmations for Recovering from Codependency

You've probably said affirmations all of your life and not even known it.


"I can't do it."

"I'm too much."

"I'm too sensitive."


Sound about right?


When we say things to ourselves, we are stating them as our truths. If we believe we can't do something, we can't. If we believe we're "too much," we won't voice our needs or believe that others will be able to "handle" us. Our words have power, whether we want to acknowledge that or not.


But just because we've been saying negative affirmations to ourselves our whole lives doesn't mean we can't stop. We often need to replace those negative affirmations with positive ones. Neuroplasticity, "or your brain's ability to change and adapt to different circumstances," shows that we can and should.


These affirmations can help you begin to rewire your brain to counter your patterns of codependency and to begin to change your life. 




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