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About Tara

I help individuals recover from toxic relationships so that they can have happy, healthy relationships. 


What you’ve been doing in your relationships hasn’t been working, and you need help. 

My clients have broken free of toxic patterns of relating to have happy and healthy relationships.

I can help you too.


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My Story

My marriage was spiraling down the drain, and I couldn’t seem to stop it. 

I believed that if I just worked harder, found the right book, met with the right counselor/coach, practiced new tools the right way, attended this retreat or couples group, that my marriage could finally be what I wanted and hoped for.

But nothing I tried seemed to work.

Then I came to a stunning realization…

 "A relationship is only as healthy as its least healthy member."

I finally had to come to the painful decision to leave that marriage, and I began my own self-healing journey. I then became certified as a Relationship Coach with coaching certifications from Transformation Academy as well as a Master's degree from the University of Memphis. I am fully accredited by Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA).  




I began my coaching practice, and the belief that a healthy relationship takes TWO people became its backbone. 

After much trial and error, I achieved what I want for all of my clients: a happy and healthy relationship. I met a wonderful man (on Tinder of all places!) who shared my view on relationships and meets me half-way. Today, our marriage is one of my greatest joys, and it’s now my mission to help my clients achieve what I was able to do myself. 

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Success  Stories

“I was searching for someone to help me understand some of the blocks I was having in communication with my partner. When I came across her page, I was instantly drawn to her content and how she presented it. Making an appointment was easy and when the time came to chat I was a little nervous. Tara put me at ease right away. Her whole cadence and tone made me feel comfortable enough to open and share what was going on. I’ve already booked my next appointments and look forward to working more with her.”


“My partner and I are still early in our blended family relationship. We’ve done things our own way for such a long time. I am a fawner by nature, and I allowed myself to have boundaries walked all over. We have been able to make such good progress with our communication and our kiddos by working with Tara and taking her advice. I needed that push to say ‘no.’ It has made a huge difference. He was never doing anything malicious. We were both just struggling and needed to realign, and Tara helped us so much with that.”


“As someone who found Tara after divorce and is now very happily coupled - she has helped me realize how my lack of voice in past relationships has hindered them. Tucking myself away to fit situations wasn’t ever what I should have been doing and Tara has really helped me not only find my voice and be able to communicate needs and thoughts better but also helped me realize that if those things weren’t valued by my partner it wouldn’t be the right partner!”


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My Coaching Beliefs


Whether you’re single or partnered, you can recover from toxic relationship patterns and learn a healthier way to relate.


Healthy relationships aren’t “found.” They’re built.


Anyone can be taught how to have healthy relationships.


Any relationship can become healthy if both individuals are willing to put work in.


Personal responsibility is the key to lasting change. 

We are a perfect fit if you...


Have tried to “fix” relationships by yourself, thinking if YOU just changed, then your partner would too. 

Continually have toxic relationships despite feeling like you should “know” or “do” better.

Have read relationship self-help books that sound great, but didn’t seem to translate into giving you the tools you wanted to improve what was going on.

Have tried counseling, but all it did was stir up all of your negative feelings. 

Find yourself continually sacrificing yourself and your own needs, desires, dreams, goals, etc. for another person. 

Committed to not having the same kind of relationship your parents had, but then you find yourself stuck in the same patterns. 

Keep dating the same kind of people over and over again even though you think “this” time you’ll choose better. 

Are struggling after a betrayal or have a pattern of being in relationship with people who betray you.

These are what my clients have gotten as a result of working with me…

  • Clarity and validation around the toxic patterns existing in their current or previous relationships and tools for how to overcome them.

  • The confidence to be able to leave an unhealthy relationship and start building a healthier relationship with themselves.

  • Setting and enforcing boundaries around unacceptable behaviors and dealbreakers.

  • Being able to fight in a healthy, productive, and respectful way.

  • Communicating deeply and intimately in order to feel “known” in their relationships.

  • Resolving and/or learning to better navigate perpetual/unsolvable problems.

  • Breaking free from codependent patterns of behavior.

  • Finally having the kind of happy and healthy relationship they’ve always wanted.

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Ready to get the happy and healthy relationship you’ve always wanted?

Click below to apply to work with Tara today!

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