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Ready to have a happy and healthy relationship?


You're tired of...

  • Trying to “fix” relationship thinking if just you or your partner changed, then your relationship be better. 

  • Reading relationship self-help books that sound great, but don’t seem to translate into giving you the tools you want to improve what was going on.

  • Trying counseling with new and different therapists when all it does is stir up all of your negative feelings and give you no clear action plan

  • Having the same kind of relationship your parents had, even though you told yourself you wouldn’t.

  • Dating the same kind of people over and over again even though you think “this” time you’ll choose better.

And maybe you believe these too?

You believe you’re the problem in your relationship.


A relationship can only be as healthy as its least healthy member!

You believe this is just how relationships “are.”


Just because you didn’t have healthy relationship role models doesn’t mean you can’t have one yourself!

You believe your relationship is doomed.


ANY relationship can improve with new stills and tools to help you get there!

If you and your partner need help, it must be because you’re not meant to be together.


It doesn’t matter if you are with your soulmate if you keep practicing unhealthy relating skills. Even the “best” of relationships can benefit from help!

You believe your problems cannot be fixed.


70% of relationship problems can’t be fixed, BUT they can be navigated in a way that’s healthy. That still means too that 30% of your problems CAN be fixed.

Relationships should be easy and effortless.


Healthy relating skills can take time to learn and implement. A relationship seeming "easy" doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy!

  • 6-session package

    For individuals or couples
    • Six 1-hr sessions (not guaranteed every week)
    • A curated list of resources and books
    • Customized action plan to follow
  • 12-session package

    For individuals or couples
    • Twelve 1-hr sessions (not guaranteed every week)
    • A curated list of resources and books
    • Customized action plan to follow
  • Most Recommended

    Reclaim Package

    For individuals or couples
    • Twelve 1-hr sessions guaranteed every week
    • Customized action plan to follow
    • Curated list of resources and books
    • Tailored curriculum
    • 24/7 e-mail & WhatsApp support for questions & guidance
    • Private community group
    • Lifetime access to community group & curriculum
    • Physical gift for all new participants
  • 3-session package

    • Three 1-hr sessions (not guaranteed every week)
    • Customized action plan to follow
    • A curated list of resources and books

Case Studies

After years of being in “situationships” or unhealthy relationships, Dan finally got a “good” one, but he was worried that his anxiety and addiction to the “high” of toxic relationship patterns was going to end up sabotaging this one. After working together, he reports that he’s addressing the issues of people-pleasing and poor communication skills that hurt his relationships in the past, and he’s learning to love the contentment of an actually healthy relationship without all of the toxic ups and downs. 

My coaching sessions are for you if...

  • You fight in ways that make you feel ashamed.

  • You can’t seem to get the level of emotional intimacy you would like in your romantic relationships.

  • You have a history of toxic relationships.

  • Your current relationship regularly fills you with dread and anxiety and you don’t know what to do to “fix” it.

  • You’re recovering after the end of a relationship that you may or may not believe was toxic.

  • You feel stuck either because you’re in a relationship you can’t seem to extricate yourself from or because you’re single and are tired of picking the same person over and over again to date. 

Young Gay Couple
  • Will coaching work for me?
    How much you heal is entirely up to you. I can't predict or guarantee how you will do since it's all about your desire, motivation, level of willingness, etc. What I CAN tell you is that my clients who commit to the process wholly and who follow suggestions have seen amazing results. If you're still unsure if coaching is right for you, feel free to contact me!
  • If I have a therapist, should I still sign up for coaching?
    Therapy is so wonderful, and I'm so glad you currently have a therapist. What I will say is that therapy and coaching are different. A therapist isn't necessarily going to give you an action plan. They aren't going to give you advice. They aren't likely to give you their experiences and what's worked with them and their other clients either. A coach, like myself, on the other hand, is going to give you an action plan. We're going to give you advice, advice that's worked for us and the clients we've worked with. Therapy and coaching can work marvelously together. I, myself, saw a therapist and a coach when I was on my own self-healing journey because I had a LOT of trauma I needed to get through, and coaches aren't trained on how best to help you in that area. They can point you in the right direction, but they'll likely point you to a therapist. Whether you have a therapist or not, you CAN benefit from coaching. Coaching can never (and never should be) considered a replacement for therapy, but it CAN be a wonderful complement.
  • When can I expect to see results?
    Results are difficult to track when it's your internal landscape. I'll tell you that the clients of mine (whether they're individuals or couples) who put the work in start to feel lighter, less anxious, more confident, more self-aware, and more comfortable with themselves and the rest of the world within 4 to 6 weeks. It's the whole reason why I generally recommend at least 3 sessions. I want to give every client the chance to get as much healing as possible, but your results—and how soon you experience them—are completely up to you.

Ready to have a happy and healthy relationship?

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