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How to Fight Fairly with Your Partner Workshop

How to Fight Fairly with Your Partner Workshop

Do you and your partner...

  • yell/raise voices,
  • name-call ("you're such a..."),
  • bring up multiple things at once (you started fighting about the dishes, but then you start arguing about something that happened the previous week),
  • blame ("if you hadn't done...."),
  • bring up issues at inopportune times ("I know it's 10 pm, but I want to talk about this NOW."),
  • threaten to break up/divorce,
  • shut down/give the silent treatment,
  • seem to always be fighting about the same thing(s),


  • never seem to come to an adequate resolution after a fight?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you and your partner are likely stuck in a pattern of unfair fighting.


Unfair fights are loud, unproductive, and unkind.


They often develop from some combination of the following types of thinking:

  1. I hate conflict, so I will avoid it as much as possible.
  2. I'm right, and you're wrong.
  3. I've got to win, or I'll be the loser.


Fighting fairly with your partner involves learning certain skills that many of us have never learned or seen in action.


In my work with couples, I've seen that learning these key skills can dramatically improve how a couple navigates issues, communicates, and resolves disagreements.


In this hour-long workshop, we will cover:

  • What is unfair fighting?
  • Unfair fighting styles
  • What is fair fighting?
  • How to write up a fair fighting contract
  • How to practice fair fighting
  • Helpful ways to avoid/navigate recurring issues
  • Common issues that come up when learning how to fight fairly
  • Q&A


PLUS you'll receive:

  • a worksheet that you and your partner can complete to better understand your own unfair fighting styles. 
  • a fillable .pdf to write your own fair fighting contract.


Check out reviews from participants:


"The workshop was amazing. I've never understood how to properly set boundaries with my partner in a fight, and the lessons around only setting boundaries around my OWN behavior was HUGE. I feel like I've been missing out on an integral piece my entire life, and I finally have it! Thank you so much! This was so great!!"-Sarah N. 


"I thoroughly enjoyed the learnings in the session. The hour flew by and I was hoping that the workshop lasted longer, only because I learned so much. I particularly liked how you emphasized focusing on my patterns and contributions during a fight as opposed to my partner's. That was my biggest learning. I also enjoyed learning how different communication styles and small behavior changes can be so impactful. I am definitely going to share some of the techniques with my partner. Thank you again." -Pooja S. 


    This digital product is a .zip folder, which contains a .mp4 recording of the workshop, and a .pdf copy of the worksheets.  You will receive an e-mail with a download link that will expire in 30 days.


    Because this is a digital product, NO item from this .zip folder may be shared. Additional copies will need to be purchased separately. All sales are final. 


    Thank you for your support!

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