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Journal Prompts for Codependency Recovery

Journal Prompts for Codependency Recovery

You might be codependent if you (as adapted from Medical News Today):


  • find no satisfaction or happiness in life outside of doing things for another person.
  • stay in relationships even if you are aware that the other person does hurtful things to you.
  • do anything to please and satisfy others no matter the expense to yourself.
  • feel constant anxiety about your relationships because you always  want other people to be happy.
  • use all your time and energy to give others whatever they ask.
  • feel guilty about thinking of yourself and will not express any personal needs or desires.
  • ignore your own morals or conscience to do whatever others want.


If this sounds like you, then these journal prompts are for you.


These prompts can help you fasttrack your recovery from codependency by putting the focus back on yourself. You'll be able to evaluate and identify your emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires, dreams, and goals. Further, you'll get some insight into detachment and boundaries and how to implement them in your own life. 


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