Are you ready to heal from your toxic relationships?


You're tired of...

  • Being in toxic relationships, where lying, lack of trust, disrespect, abuse, gaslighting, and infidelity are common.

  • Experiencing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (or PTRS), including flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, fear, and anxiety. 

  • Trying counseling with new and different therapists when all it does is stir up all of your negative feelings and give you no clear action plan. 

  • Having no community or support or no one who truly understands what you've been through and why it's still affecting you even after you've left the relationship.

  • Trying to “fix” yourself, thinking if YOU just changed, then your relationships would too. 

  • Reading relationship self-help books that sound great, but don’t seem to translate into giving you the tools you want to improve what is going on or help you heal from your toxic relationships.

  • Having the same kind of toxic relationships over and over again even though you think “this” time you’ll choose better.

And maybe you believe these too?

That you just need to find the "right" person. 


Unfortunately, if we don't heal ourselves, we will constantly be attracted to people we will have toxic relationships with.

That every relationship you'll be in is doomed to be toxic.


That will be true ONLY if you continue to have that thinking and take no active efforts to heal yourself.

That, after some time, you'll be fine and will pick better partners.


There is no magic wand to fix our issues. You will have to put in the work. If you are tired of the pain of toxic relationships, then this program is for you. 

That you can't heal if you're currently in a relationship.


If you're with someone who supports your own healing process, you can make tremendous strides in your own healing with help and support.

That the problem is solely your toxic ex(es), and not you.


Healthy people aren't attracted to unhealthy partners. More often than not, we chose the partners we did because we didn't have the best ways of relating either.

That healthy relationships are "found."


Healthy relationships are built, not found, and we can only build one through healing ourselves and learning healthy relating skills. 

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The 7-step program to help you heal from toxic relationships and set you up to have healthier and happier relationships with yourself and others. 

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Every relationship I was in was incredibly toxic...until my current one.

After I finally walked away from my last toxic relationship, I was at a loss. I couldn't find ANY resources to help me recover. I went to therapy every week, but I couldn't pinpoint why I felt even more depressed and anxious. I didn't understand why I felt even MORE crazy, how my life felt even MORE unmanageable, even though I was no longer experiencing abuse and gaslighting on a daily basis.

Why did I feel so terrible? And why did I still feel awful even after months and months of being free from that toxic relationship?

I started on a self-healing journey. I read all I could find on toxic relationships and created my own process. These tools helped prepare me to begin dating again and ultimately led me to meeting the man I'm with today: my wonderful husband, who has shown me that dreams really do come true. Today, we have a beautiful family with four amazing kids.


After completing that journey, I became a certified Relationship Coach with certifications in Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Happiness, and others from Transformation Academy and other courses fully accredited by Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). That along with my Master's degree from the University of Memphis (2012) means I'm well-suited to help guide you in this journey to wholeness. 


I created this program, so no one else in my same position would be left floundering. This is the exact program I've used with hundreds of clients to help heal from toxic relationships and get the healthy and happy relationships they've always wanted. 

Coaching Program

with Tara Blair Ball